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René van Oerle, COO

Rene van Oerle


Department of Biochemistry, Maastricht University

Haemostasis, Clinical Chemistry, MUMC


Long before the discovery of Factor V-Leiden, my journey in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis began as a trainee in the diagnostic laboratory for haemostasis and transfusion at Maastricht University Medical Center. Years of dedicated work in routine diagnostic laboratory tasks and tackling complex patient cases fuelled my passion for coagulation. This led me to combine my hospital duties with a career in coagulation biochemistry at the University of Maastricht. 


Through extensive experience in fundamental biochemistry techniques, I specialised in thrombin generation and biomarker assays. Collaborating with colleagues, we developed biomarker assays focusing on in vivo coagulation-inhibitor complexes. Recognising the rising demand from pharmaceutical companies and CROs for thrombin generation and biomarker assays, we realised the necessity of a specialized laboratory. 


Thus, we established Coagulation Profile, a spin-off company from Maastricht University. As the COO of Coagulation Profile, I oversee the direction and training of our technical staff, manage laboratory logistics, and ensure the highest quality standards for our diverse portfolio of coagulation assays. 

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