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PPP Reagent INT - Oral presentation at ISTH 2024

Coagulation Profile to Present Abstract on Intrinsic Thrombin Generation at ISTH 2024 Congress

Coagulation Profile B.V., will present an abstract at the ISTH 2024Congres in Montreal, Bangkok, June 22-27, 2024. The abstract, selected by the conference organisers for an oral presentation, is available below.

Henri Spronk, CEO at Coagulation Profile B.V., will present a new reagent (PPP Reagent INT) for intrinsic activation ofhrombin generation by means of the CAlibrated Automated Thrombogram (CAT) method. The PPP Reagent INT demonstrated increased sensitivity compared to the tissue factor triggers in factor VIII deficient plasma treated with Emicizumab.

For further information, please contact:

Coagulation Profile B.V.

Henri Spronk, CEO

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