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Henri Spronk


Professor of Biochemistry of Atherothrombosis

Department of Biochemistry

Maastricht University


Following graduate studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Radboud University in Nijmegen, Dr Henri Spronk completed his PhD on the role of vitamin K-dependent proteins in vascular calcification. His research, triggered by the effects of anticoagulant vitamin K antagonists (warfarin and coumarin) and the observation that almost all coagulation factors are present in the arterial vessel wall – particularly in atherosclerotic lesions – focused on hypercoagulability and cardiovascular disease. Dr Spronk has demonstrated that active coagulation enzymes, mainly thrombin and factor Xa, contribute to atherosclerosis development and progression, and that inhibiting these enzymes reduces plaque formation. Recent data suggests that inhibiting factor Xa can even result in regression of atherosclerosis.

Dr Spronk is professor of the Biochemistry of Atherothrombosis. In his research Dr Spronk has shown that hypercoagulability impacts the development and progression of atrial fibrillation, highlighting coagulation’s role in cardiovascular disease. This work includes documenting the ability of assays for plasma thrombin generation and active coagulation enzymes to predict thrombotic cardiovascular events or bleeding in animal models and large patient cohorts. Dr Spronk’s translational research involves creating and validating biomarker assays. His expertise in global haemostatic assays contributes to developing new diagnostic devices for routine measurement of activated platelets and point-of-care thrombin generation.

Dr Spronk’s combined expertise in animal models and biomarkers for thrombotic cardiovascular disease led to founding Coagulation Profile BV, a Maastricht University-based company specialising in custom haemostatic assays, particularly thrombin generation, to support pre-clinical and clinical studies.

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