Assays range from classical methods such as the prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) to chromogenic antigen and enzyme activity assays, as well as to tailor-made thrombin generation assessment and modifications thereof.

Coagulation Profile BV is specialized in custom based coagulation assays and provides services for the modification of existing methods, as well as for the development of novel assays. Our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and Coagulation Profile BV has an extensive portfolio in performing analysis in research setting and in support of phase I, II, and III clinical trials.

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Thrombin Generation

Standard and custom thrombin generation methods including APC resistance and others


Enzyme: Inhibitor Complexes

In house developed assays for quantification of enzyme: inhibitor complexes including FXIa: a1AT.



IDS based assays for Carboxylated and un-carboxylated Matrix Gla Protein (MGP)


Validation and Species

Validation of methods and analysis in samples from various species including monkey, mouse, goat, etc


Routine Coagulation

Standard assays for coagulation including PT, aPTT, factor levels, AT activity, and more.


Custom Made

Custom biomarker assays developed and validated