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Magdolna Nagy, QSM

Magdolna Nagy


Department of Biochemistry, Maastricht University


Following her training as a clinical laboratory scientist in cardiovascular research at the University of Debrecen, Magdolna Nagy completed her PhD at Maastricht University, where she investigated novel pathways in thrombus formation. Using blood samples from rare patients with potential bleeding disorders (e.g., GPVI, STIM1, and ORAI1 deficiency) and various murine models, Magdolna Nagy explored specific signalling pathways involved in platelet activation, platelet- dependent thrombus formation, and interactions with leukocytes through global haemostasis assays.


While these fundamental signalling mechanisms are crucial for understanding the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, they are not easily translatable to clinical settings. To bridge this gap, Magdolna Nagy now focuses on translational research, assessing coagulation biomarkers in atherothrombotic diseases, with a particular emphasis on acute ischemic stroke. Her work involves the development and validation of a series of biomarker assays.

In addition to her scientific research, Magdolna Nagy has been actively involved in maintaining a quality management system (ISO9001:2015) and establishing a quality management system for GCLP compliance. In her current role as Quality System Manager (QSM) at Coagulation Profile BV, she is leading the implementation of ISO15189:2022.

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